TIKAMGARH - A district of Madhya Pradesh


NIC District Centre



Establishment of NIC District Centre

The NIC - Tikamgarh was setup in the year 1988 for promoting Computer and Informatics culture in District Administration, for demolishing barriers on information dissemination and in making the working of government more transparent to the public as well as making the information more readily available from one department to another, from District to State Government and to Central Government and vice versa. With the active participation and coordinated efforts of the NIC MP State Unit and the District Administration , NIC Tikamgarh enjoys its position as a premier IT consultant at the district level. Since its inception NIC-Tikamgarh has continued to promote IT culture and awareness in this district along with providing full ICT supportto the district administration and other government departments.NIC gets the privilege to generate computer awareness amongst the target group by providing training, implementing softwares, and establishing communication facility bia NICNET.


Major Activities and Achievements

Following are the major activities performed at NIC Tikamgarh Centre

  • CM - Samadhan Online S/W

  • AGMARKNET : AGMARKNET S/W has been made operational in Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti Tikamgarh. S/W is used for daily data entry and transmission of arrival details of grains and other agriculture products for further hosting on AGMARKNET website.

  • Integrated Child Developement System(ICDS) : Monthly data entry and transmission of the progress of various schemes of Women and Child Developement has been done by this S/W.

  • BPL Survey S/W

  • Bhu Abhilekh S/W : Land Records computerization project has been successfully implemented in all the six blocks of the District.

  • DCIS : District Court Information System has been implemented facilitating the generation of daily cause lists. Apart from this Payroll software has also been implemented for the District Court.

  • PARAKH : A database of rural sector on different parameters has been created which is updated on monthly basis. Reports are being generated for district administration to improve the citizen centric services and keep track of the status of different facilities in the villages.

  • One Day Governance Programme 

  • Time Limit Papers Information System

  • Arms License Information System

  • Panchayat Directory Information System

  • Election Polling Party Formation Randomization System

  • Public Grievances Information System

  • Crops Insurance (CROPINS) S/W




  • Public Distribution Management System (PDMS) S/W

  • Social Security Pension S/W

  • Panchlekha S/W

  • PHEMIS, PHEWQ and water-soft S/W for PHED Office



  • IDSP

  • Confonet Project

  • Training : NIC Tikamgarh took various initiatives to train the employees of different departments. The training programme comprises of computer basics and the softwares releted to the concerned departments.

  • E-mail and Internet Services : For E-mail and Internet access Dial-up connectivity has been provided to the 32 offices of district administration.

  • Video Conferencing : Video Conferencing services has been started at NIC Tikamgarh. The multi-point video conferencing service is widely being used by different departments to communicate with their higher officials at State Head Quarter. 

Contact Details

              E-mail Address of NIC Tikamgarh Centre : mptik@nic.in

S.No. Designation Name of Officer Postal Address

Phone Numbers

Office Residence Mobile


District Informatics Officer Anil Kumar Jain NIC Computer Centre, Collectorate Office, Joint Office Building, Jhansi Road, Tikamgarh

(07683) 242185

(07683) 245398



District Informatics Associate

 Avinash Pathak

NIC Computer Centre, Collectorate Office, Joint Office Building, Jhansi Road, Tikamgarh

(07683) 242185 - 9826873850



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